Error on iqama proffesion in absher account

There is a question mark in absher account on iqama profession, when click on it shows visit to civil affairs to update information. Whats is the resaon for that.

Better to do a visit to the nearest (Jawazat office) to figure out the problem, or let any Saudi friend in the company that you are enrolled check on behalf of you.
It could be related to your profession itself, which needs a visit to (Labor office) and this place restricted to communicate with Saudis.
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Is this because still i havenot regireterd in saudi engineering council?

Aha !
this is a logical reason.
you need to have a license if your profession requires so as per Saudi labor code


Is here any one with same issue

is your issue resolved brother..please update i also have same issue, let how you resolved this problem


Not yet

Is your issue resolved? Why its asking for civil affairs?

No idea why error is appearing

yes same like my absher and beside in jawasat theirs no issue about the iqama. And my iqama need to renew today i hope that there is no problem about that.

And the reason maybe there a question marked there our documents still for validation even in our account in SCE are valid. I think that once its valid it will be fine.

Or maybe because when were coming to kingdom our name and position is diffirent to our iqama. So we need to update in Civil Office.

Is theres anyone same issue and steps for the action.

Thank You

for me also same. please update if some one solve this issue.

Whats your peofession

Computer Technician

Have registred in SEC

Its not error its updating its different. Meaning u need to update only them. By the way my iqama was renewed already even theres a question marked in my absher account. So its not a problem.

Bro, Your issue is solve? I have the same problem also.


your SCE membership renewed in a normal way or you were required to upload professional membership details from your country?? (i.e. PEC certificate for Pakistan)

Renewed in normal way.

Please share, if any one solve it these issue.  i have also same problem,

Same issue here  Question mark there

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