Marriage in morocco

Im from the uk and I will be getting married in morocco next month
I have gathered all the documents to take and also have made an appointment in Rabat with the Britsh Embassy.
However there are a few things im still unsure of and would appreciate some clarification.

Does the following need legalising (apostille) here in the UK ?
1.Certificate of no impediment
2.Arco police certificate
3.Official birth certificate

Also my will my proof of employment letter along with payslips need translating?
I have some slight errors on my payslips regarding my annual salary but I dont know if this will be an issue because my proof of employment letter is pretty clear with my annual salary

And finally when i go to the British embassy for appointment what to i take for proof of address?

Thank you in advance

Good post but if you’re uk born you don’t need a certificate of no impediment

Original birth certificate is fine no legalising

The acro which is the original posted to you has a signature so not sure if that needs legalising ?

Drop me a message riazgunner I’m in the same position

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