Moving to khobar, need advice in securing a job in a british schools

Hello everyone,

I am currently a business teacher in one of the biggest international schools in jeddah offering the british curriculum and I am planning to move to Khobar in May.
Can someone please help me regarding the following questions about british schools in khobar?
1- Most of the job vacancies in british schools in khobar are asking for a certified teacher/PGCE or QTS. Will it be an obstacle if I don’t have one? Will this reduce my chance of securing a job there?
Note: I have double bachelor degree and a masters degree as well
2- Should I apply online or is it better to go in person in May?
3- What are the best schools offering british curriculum to work for( good environment, good salaries,etc)? Do you recommend new world school, international programs school, BISK?

I appreciate any help in this matter and thank you in advance

first of all, moving to Khobar is a good step (it's the most beautiful city in Saudi Arabia) I lived there for almost 5 years.
Actually I come from the construction industry, so I am not qualified to answer your questions, however, I would add to your information that there are two BIG British International schools under construction (one of them I believe it's already delivered and the other should be delivered by the mid of 2020)
I believe there would be vacancies available there

All the best!

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