Typhoon Ursula blackout

Who else is enjoying the blackout right now?

10 hours so far

Enjoying being in northern Luzon, one of the charms of the Visayas is knowing you gonna get a lot of typhoons.

It's not bad. Power came on half hour after I posted.

Not nearly as bad as Haiyan. That black out lasted four days.

Small generators, about 1kw output, will run an air con, fridge, and lightning.
The things are cheap and worth buying if power cuts happen too often.

10 hours that be nice after tisoy 2 weeks no power in norther samar ...

Jackdn :

10 hours that be nice after tisoy 2 weeks no power in norther samar ...

Samar gets the brunt of the storms. They have to pass over a lot of land and mountains before they get to us. The linemen who work on the Pacific side must have PTSD.


When we bought our Generator we had an Electrician to estimate the size we needed. He said to cover peak demand (Water pumps, security lights, air-con, fridges, etc. We needed a 7kw unit.
This uses 3.125 Litres of Gasoline an hour and at 54 Pesos a Litre, it costs over 4000 pesos a day to run the thing.

Because of Fred's post I am going to look for a Honda gas inverter generator with about 1.5 kw and 2kw surge capacity. They run about 50k and from the reviews I have read should power everything I need to power through the typical blackout and maybe only burn through a gallon or two per day.

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