Teaching roles in Jeddah?

Hi, I've been offered a job in the Eastern Province area, but my heart is set in Jedddah.

Can any of you fellow expat teachers help me get into a school offering a decent package with clean accommodation? I'd be willing to compensate the individual who successfully refers me to their manager.

I'm a British native with almost six years teaching experience, and a previous teaching contract completed in Riyadh.

I'm kind, helpful, polite, friendly, and professional.

Any help is appreciated! Available for an immediate start!


Thank you very much Rareshine for the reply. I have an English related degree and a CELTA qualification alongside previous middle east experience. In addition to this, I've a six years teaching background which includes curriculum development and managerial duties. Please also feel free to contact me on ***

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did you teach tertiary or while in KSA?

Hi again, I have taught grades 3, 4, and 9 whilst in KSA. I hope this helps  :|

hi , if you know anyone in jeddah who can help me to achieve a high ielts  score kindly contact me

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