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I am keen to set-up furniture in my house and as such interested only in teak as a long term purchase, I understand most of the branded stores like Informa, Vinoti, Vevere etc do not sell Teak and mostly sell MDF etc, where can I get branded teak furniture from or if there are any good highly recommended teak furniture shops,  addresses, I will be grateful.


they are some reputable places in Bali that ship out, we have had furniture from Bali (I’ve no idea name of places as wife went) and it was hassle free, I’m sure they will be lots of locations throughout Indonesia but very popular with people here making purchases from Bali as it’s so much cheaper and good quality

Stores like Informa don't sell much teak and their choice is very limited. There are shops that specialize in teak furniture around but I have no idea of the addresses or locations. As above, Bali is a good place to purchase because it is very easy to get there and the island is inundated with furniture stores who all can arrange export. If you are price conscious then most of the furniture is actually made in Java in Jepara.

As previously noted by another respondent, most of the manufactures of teak furniture in Indonesia these days are found in central and eastern Java.  Generally, the quality of cabinet making runs from very good, to excellent in that most still use the time honored traditions of mortise and tenon, and dovetail joinery.  Cabinet making was introduced in Indonesia by the Dutch during the 17th century, thus these traditions of cabinet making are still employed here.

The problem with modern teak furniture is that it is primarily made from plantation teak which is harvested too early, and thus the pieces lack the awesome beauty of antique or semi-antique pieces, which in fact can often be purchased for less money than a brand new piece. 

In Bali, the Gianyar Regency is the best place to shop for highest quality teak furniture.  Sukawati has a large number of shops but it’s important to shop around as prices can vary greatly.  You might start with a favorite place of ours, Yan’s Antiques in Sukawati, (62-361)974604.  This business has been around for decades, having been started by Yan’s father in the the 1950’s.

Wong Kayu Furniture
https://web.facebook.com/pages/category … 1&_rdr

I don't mean to sound insulting, but I checked that facebook page and that is some ugly furniture! 

Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but good grief!

The facebook page is not an advert that would make me want to visit them as there is no way, apart from me becoming seriously mentally ill, I'd buy anything shown on that page.

i see at website https://mocphat.vn/san-go-teak/, thank all

Hello, I ordered some furniture from them and am very satisfied of quality and price.

Hello, I ordered some custom made furniture there and I am very satisfied with quality and price. I am glad having been mentally ill.  :D  :lol:

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