PR through marriage - Timing and need agency?

Hi All,

I married a Singaporean 3 years ago and we currently live most of the time in Australia and a couple of months each year in her place in Singapore (no more than 30 days each stay).  We plan to move to Singapore full-time in around 3 years time.   She is a Doc and I am a university graduate and professional director.

My questions (which may have been answered in other threads):

1) Any advantage in applying for PR now, before we intend to stay permanently?   
2) If I apply now and it is granted do I have to be in SG minimum number of months each year?
3) Should I consider using an agency to ensure success or is the marriage PR straight forward?

Thanks in advance.

You have vitually no chance of becoming PR now (unless you are Nobel prize winner or world-class athlete or artist). Try applying after living there for three years or so, or after you have a child with Singapore citizenship. Marriage alone is not enough!

Hi Beppi -  Thanks for this.   

Yesterday we had appointment with an immi agency -  Singapore Immigration Partners - and they interview us for 1 hour to assess our situation, and then say we have very good chance of PR because of:
* marriage to SG cit
* Australian passport (me)
* Bachelor qualification
* my business connections in SG

Of course it is in their interests to suggest a positive outcome, as they charge a $5K fee for assisting.   But there is a big gap between their conclusion and yours.  I am not a Nobel Prize winner ;-)    So are you speaking from experience of seeing other PR applicants similar to me?


The agent charges a S$5000 fee for something you can easily do yourself in a couple of hours (plus reducing your chances, the Singapore authorities dislike dealing with agents - did they tell you this?)?!?
This forum and similar other ones have examples of PR applicants. But you won’t find one exactly like yours and you won’t be certain unless you try.
I still recommend the normal way of applying after a few years in the country. The authorities can then see what you actually contributed to the country, rather than just guessing what you could bring. (And you will ONLY become PR if Simgapore benefits from it. That’s what they call meritocracy!)

"Meritocracy" ;-)   Love it..     I get your angle on this.  Thanks so much for the insight.

It is one of the most-loved words in Singapore officialdom. How can you be married to a Singaporean and not know it?!?
(Though not perfect, it is, of course, much better than the cleptocracy practised in some neighbouring countries.)

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