possibly re-locating to Algarve in new year

Good evening all.
well where to begin. Me and her have had numerous holidays in recent years to Albufera and absolutely love the place. my daughter, son in law and grand daughter are relocating to just outside Albufera in the new year, and they have asked us to move out there permanently.

At my age (60 next month) and having a few medical issues, my main concern/worry is the cost of blood tests/blood taking every 3 months, and also regular prescribed medicines.

My only other main concern is im not the type of person to sit by a pool all day, or wandering around shops all day with she who must be obeyed, so again any advice on employment opportunities for a fella of a certain age would also be appreciated (hospitality sector is not an option, been there done that!!!)

Any information/advice greatly appreciated

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I can't exactly help you with your questions as such, due to Brexit just around the corner. I can direct you to British in Europe where they can give answers in relation to Brexit.

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its a starting point, thanks much appreciated

I can't give any advice whatsoever re employment  ~ other than to say if you would need an employment income to survive then don't even think about moving / giving up your present job  until you have that sorted.

Outside of tourism / hospitality I can't think of any area where you would not need fluent Portuguese.

Apart from that though : if your main issue is that every three months you would have to attend at a hospital / clinic for medical procedures, then I would say that that alone need not motivate a choice of location.

The whole of the Algarve is served by the Linha do Algarve trainline , and nowhere is much more than an hour from the central and main station of Faro.

Unless you particularly wish to live close by your daughter / son in law then I would think that the whole of the Algarve is open to you : so rent somewhere for three months and use the time to explore till you find somewhere which suits ( which from what you say may well not be a seaside resort ).

If you  wanted someone ( it would not be me ) to give more specific advice as to employment opps then you would need to provide detail of your area/s of expertise, level of Portuguese knowledge, and  daily rate / monthly salary desired and so on.
Maybe these would lend themselves to self employment  ?

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