E-Pass Application

My employer has applied for the Epass, I have the following qualifications

Bachelor's of Engineering in Software Engineering (Pakistan)
Former Google Summer of Code 2018 Developer
Former AI Developer at a Swedish Startup.

Also published a research paper in top Pattern Recognition conference while I was a student during my sophomore year.

Total Experience: 10 Months
Graduation Year: 2019

Can you guys tell me what are my chances of getting epass?

Salary: $4100 + Medical Insurance.



Is there no one to help me out?

Did you use the SAT tool?
If so, and the outcome was positive, read the various forum threads about what influences success or not in applying for a Singapore work pass.
Just from the limited information you gave, it is difficult to say much - other than that with less than 3 years applicable work experience it will be difficult.

These kind of questions have been answered plenty of times and we have a separate thread at TOP which has written in details. It seems many of expats without putting their little effort to read through existing threads and earlier discussions, throwing questions to volunteers (me & Beppi) and expecting we will reply repeatedly the same answers again and again. This should be avoided.

Now, coming back to your query, it seems you are a potential prospect to the employer but there are several criteria at MoM which comes into play (you can read a separate thread with subject criteria at MoM to get EP approval..) to understand better. Your employer must provide rationale in their application to why they want to hire you and their justification to hire a foreigner. Good luck

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