Does anyone have Infrared heating panels?

We are buying on plan and are trying to decide between underfloor heating and infrared panels.
Does anyone have infrared heating panels and what is your opinion? It seems they would be the solution to the damp issues we have in Malta
Does it help dry clothes?


Damp can only be fixed by something that dries the air by removing water from it.  Once you get the air inside dry it is easier to heat.  You need dehumidifiers in addition to one of those heaters you mention.  Underfloor heating works well especially with a heat pump.

Are you asking/talking about an ethanol heater - the ones that have a see-through panel placed in the middle of the burner and the flame is then on each side? We have two of them which we no longer use as the floor space in the lounge in our new  apartment is too small to accommodate them. However, when we used them in a bigger area  (as in a house) where we didn't bump into them, they worked extremely well. They give off a good heat and a cosy atmoshere and of course can be moved around to different areas of the house.

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