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Good afternoon evrybody..

I need some advice and help. My question is can cancel the huroob? how and how much..

I been working in company since i stop my work in previous company because of saudization and they allowed me and give released.
I work in company for 10months since they told me i already transfer. I believe them coz i saw in the system that paid already for transfer. after a month my previous company called me that they already file the huroob to me this November 2019. How come i saw in the system already paid. When i ask the company i work they told me not yet transfer coz my iqama is blocked in moj. What i will do?? i know my iqama is blocked from moj but everymonth i pay and they deduct to my salary the 1500sr since i need to pay 12000sr and i payed already 10000sr. But when i check and they send me message from moj i need go to pay 16000sr how come i saw the check and i sign also evry month in invoice that evrymonth deduct to my salary the 1500sr.
Now they stop me and i cant find job some of employer wants to cancel first the huroob and they will accept me.
My question is can cancel the huroob its only one month and how much the payment???
I dont have work, i have monthly expenses like rent house payment, food and sending money evrymonth to my country. i have children need money for their studies, my father suffer for lung cancer stage 1. How can i survive without work. I want to cancel the huroob and how and how much to cancel. And second after cancel, to pay the remaining of 6000sr to unblock my iqama in moj. 😢😢😢
Please i need help, need work too.
Have charity that can help for my problem. I dont know really what i will do. I want to die!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Try to visit Labor office and file a case, you will get your rights.

I will contact you on private messages

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