MOE interview dates UAE 2020

Hi there.Is there anyone who know when the interviews in the UAE will happen

Hello currently the interview is going on in Abu dhabi. Those who got invited can attend the interview.

But the interview is only for chemistry subject

Does anyone have any idea when Computer Science dates would be

Should we receive an invite from MOE for the interview

Yes....unless and untill we get the invitation we cannot attend the interview.

When can we expect that? A week closer to the date or before

It was for english. Only invited will receive an email with date and time.  Then it will take a week or more to get a result.

Have anyone went for moe interview for english in Abu Dhabi on jan 2020

Thanks for your patient replies. I wanted to know the email for invite, will we get it one week prior to the interview date or 2 weeks before

Intrvws in uae are on15 feb but for only chemistry teachers.

They usually send an email for interview with a selection of dates a week before.


I am new here in this group.
Has anyone received the results of the MOE interview done in sharjah last February 15, 2020?

Thank you!

Hello ...I am  new in UAE and waiting for the results for MOE 15 February interviews

Have you got any information regarding results of interview held on 15 Feb?
Thank you

Not yet ...u went through agency or direct

Not yet ...u went through agency or direct

Through agency

Those who registered through agency ,will they also get rejection mail if not successful?please respond

Rejection mail they will send within 10 days.

Any idea whether rejection mail will be sent to candidates who have applied through agency?

Please share your whatsapp no

Hi...any update regarding the interview results

everyone is worried about coronavirus all school, colleges are closed things will progress slowly,

You got any mail??

May i know For which position you applied for?
After the corona hit everything is slow. I am also waiting for the interview..

I applied for the post of chemistry teacher..

Hi mavika

Hii silpa
Have you got any information from Moe regarding interview result?

Hi Malavika,

Yes i get the information from MOE before three weeks back, Saying that your interview was successful and you are recommended to MOE Hiring Committee and they have asked me to submit all documents but last week i have received a mail from MOE that you Not passed Pre employment check without any feed back, no reason nothing i so worried, i have traveled all the way from India to attend interview. what about you?

Hii silpa
I haven't received any information so far..what do they mean by pre employment status?how many years of experience you have?I too applied for maths teacher..I also travelled from India to Sharjah only for attending this interview...where is your place in India?
For me demonstration class was not there.what about you?

I am from Karnataka, I was given the demo class, pre employment checks it is related to Documents i have provided all the required documents I don't know they are not giving any reason for refutation.

Hii silpa
I too attended interview on same day..only one person was there in interview board.he asked me only to explain the lesson you have previous experience in working abroad? I don't try to contact HR department and figure out why they rejected...are you a direct candidate or thru agency?

Yes i have Overseas Experience, I am from agency, what about you

Mam did you get a call for interview when you were in India??

Ihave registerd myself on the MOE website but still my status says verifying profile nad document

Iam in india i registrd in the year 2019 in the month of may.staus was verification of documents .i applied  through the  agency. Since may 2019 iam waiting for the interview to happen in india . But unfortunately  last month i received a mail from MOE that thete are no vacancies right now so apply aftr 6 months .


Hi, Did anyone appear for the online assessment for Maths teacher on May 3rd 2020?
I received the result on the same day stating that i have cleared the assessment and will receive an email in next 2 weeks for an interview. But nothing yet. Anyone received any email with an interview date or so?

Any one has online assessment CS/DT  tomorrow?

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