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Hello, everyone  I am new here

I have a question to ask if you guys had any experience about disable person In Thailand.
Well, I have been living in Thailand for 8 years with a normal life  but when I was in Switzerland I had a disability card to be excepted when do travel some distance due to my feet in a car accident. So, I was wonder
Where can I make this disability​ card in Thailand?
And Where to make a contact​?
Has anyone any Idea?
My wife said for Thai people they are gone to government hospital to get a test  if you really are.  It is very hard for me when I am going to the places that I have to park a car or take a long walks because my health condition.
I hope anyone who has has this kind of problem can share it for me how this thing works.Thank you in advance.

Just a thought... a portable, folding wheelchair might help a lot with your mobility issues.

Put a sticker on your window and use parking spots for disabled people.

  The sign alone helps you a lot, you can then see a Thai doctor who will give you a written statement that allows you to park at "special places."

P.S. Even a clinic would be able to do such a document for you, which will save you a lot of time waiting at a government hospital.

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