Female Loners in Abu Dhabi

Dear Friends;

Shifting from a busy city like Sharjah - UAE to a silent and remote place like Abu Dhabi have made me depression mood swings. I love Dubai and Sharjah - Both are very modern and lively cities. Wheni am in Abu Dhabi i Feel ike i am in 1980's with all so old stuff not at all modernized. Feel so lonely. Even the city feels the same way. I wish i got a chance to go back to my lovely Dubai-Sharjah if ever it happens......Sigh! Does anyone here feel the same way. ? :(

Please say if you would like ladies only on this thread.
Thank you.

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No both would be fine😊

I would say that it's a matter of personal choices and preferences. Some people like to live at busy places with the ease of access to transport, market etc. Some prefer to live at peaceful locations such as less crowded, beaches, mountains or close to nature. Some like to live isolated. As for me I found Abu Dhabi better than Sharjah and Dubai, Though it does not have public transport as Dubai. However city has all other facilities and it's moderately crowded. A fine place to live peaceful life.

You may feel as Dubai & Sharjah are crowded city. Opinion differs and it based on individual preference and choices, for me i love being in Abu Dhabi due to less crowd, more organised road, planned city. I believe you will get used when time goes on. Maybe find difficult/bored initial days.

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