Trailing Male Spouse


Im new to this forum and has some questions.

My partner and I are looking to move to Brunei as she would potentially be teaching and is provided with a good package. We are married and have 2 children and I would not be working and looking after our youngest who would be about 10 months old when we move.

MY questions are as follow:

Are there any male spouses on here that have made the move and what has your experience been like? Do find it difficult to go out and about with the child to places like soft play?

Are there many stay at home dads in Brunei?
Is it easy to speak to and get to know other stay at home dads? and is it frowned up on by locals if a stay at home dad was talking to other stay at home mums at soft play (other expats of course)?

Just have some concerns and wanted to know how accommodating or easy it would be for stay at home dad to get used to the country and situation.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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