Does Spouse of SinglePermit holder need work perm to work in belgium?

Hi All
Is the spouse of singlepermit and visa d holder allowed to work in Belgium (i.e. based on workpermit of  singlepermit holder)? Has anyone been through this process? I was told by someone that spouses can work, but am unable to find any documentation related to this topic.

Apologies if the thread already exists on this topic, and kindly share the link to that post, but google didn't give me any results on this search.


It has been discussed couple of times in different threads. You may be able to find them here

In short, from 2019 onwards spouse of single permit holder can work.

Its actually not very clear from the other posts... And so far all the posts I saw had personal experiences about this change, and not the actual link or pointer to the government website which states this law.
Even from my side, I check with the commune office, and they confirmed that spouse can work, but only after the residence card is issues (i.e. not with annexe documents).

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