Is 6k is good salary for 8+ experience candidate

I got an offer in reputed company on contract payroll
I am having Experience of 8.4 years in Embedded domain. They are offering me 6000 Sgd per month.
I just want to know is this pay is as per some market standards r I can get more ?

You should Google it and see the current market trend and salary range in Singapore. There are plenty of consultants who do research and provide free data.

Is there any differences in the salaries for EP and DP holder?

is S$4000 per month salary okay for 5 years experienced .Net developer.
Person is DP holder in Singapore.


You should pay check report to understand what’s the average pay for this job profile. Secondly, read older threads. We have mentioned many times that DP holders usually get lesser pay in compare to EP.

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