Query regarding an application for both Employment pass and S pass

Hi all, hope you are doing good. My company said that they have submitted an application for both E pass and S pass which is the first option in the application form. After checking my status in MOM I found the Pass type to be "Employment Pass". Following are my doubts:

1. Does this mean the company applied only for Employment pass?
2. If the company had applied for both, will I be considered for both. My salary is 3200 and hence if I'm rejected for E pass will I be automatically considered for S pass.

I read previous posts related to this topic but still couldn't get proper clarity. Hence posting it again, thanks in advance.

This query has been responded multiple times in past. To answer your queries, please see below:

1. It is correct to tick mark both (but in your case, no point to tick EP as your offered salary is below than the minimum threshold for a foreigner).

At EPOnline, it always appears as Employment pass for both work passes (EP and S pass).

2. Your application will be considered for S pass

You can check salary offered to you is in line with market standard or not. If it is way below or above then it will be considered as a drawback for your application. Good luck

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Hi Surya, thanks for your response. I have 2 years and 8 months of experience.

S$3600/month is considered the minimum salary for fresh university graduates in Singapore.
If, with almost three years experience, you get less, you are underpaid (and might get rejected due to this).

Hi Beppi, thanks for your response. Saw in SAT and it showed I was eligible for S Pass. For S Pass I have chances right?

There are various requirements and asessments needed to get a work pass (of which the SAT tool only checks a few) - read about it in the relevant threads on this forum.
In general, you don't have a chance if you are paid substantially below or above market standards for your background.

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