can i leave bahrain for emergency

hi guys just want to know.. i need to go for emergency leave but i have dept in telecom company and i have a valid visa while exit.  the immigration will allowed me to go? or they will check my dept and blocked me? but i will comeback. just for emergency for 15 days

No one will stop you. But clear it with your employer as they can mark you as absconding if you go without their knowledge. Then you will have problems.

they will mark absconding when i reach Philippines, and when i comeback it will be problem for me? thats what you mean?

so if i leave without permission and i leave bahrain for emergency can i exit in immigration without problem but after my employer will make problem for me? if i comeback

As XTang mentioned earlier there will be no issues when you exit Bahrain. Employer having an issue with you leaving Bahrain without informing could become an issue, so clear it up with your employer to avoid any unforeseen circumstances

Assuming that the telecom company did not pursue any legal action, you are free to exit the country. Coming back is another questions.

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