Brexit and buying land

Hi Im from the UK. At the moment any EU member can buy land in Bulgaria - however, the UK will probably leave at the end of January. Does that mean it wont be possible to buy land after the UK leaves ?

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As it stands basically all foreigners can buy property provided it doesn’t come with land.

Hi from what I have read a foreigner can currently buy property even with land as long as they are from an EU country? or the euea so currently I Can buy land. WHich is why my question about what will be the situation after brexit?

This all hangs in the balance of a Deal or No Deal or if Brexit happens on 31st January.

What about people who already own land cod this be in jeoperdy?

since 2014 all non EU foreigners can purchase only apartments, houses with gardens and regulated land for building and woodland. Excluded are agricultural land, vineyard.

since 2012 all EU foreigners can purchase apartments, houses with gardens and regulated land, woodland with exclusion of agricultural land. To purchase agricultural land a min of 5 years of residency is needed.

So if you did not matured the 5 yeas of residency if you are EU or not EU nothing change. Only regulated land can be purchased and woodland were you cannot use it for agriculture  or build or do any activity that damage the land but place movable building without  fundments.

I was looking at a house that had an orchard and some nut trees - does that count as agriculture ? or is it more commercial agriculture ?

that would be considered a garden if is all in one plot or more regulated plots.  Sometimes when the property is large only a plot with the house is regulated and the rest is agricultural land.

Agricultural land has no regulation at all

Does anyone have an update on this as UK definitely leaving EU 31st Jan. Will you need to have a BG company to buy a house with land If you are from UK?

There is the Transition period so nothing will properly change for a year.

A large estate agent in BG had advised You will need a BG company to buy after 31st Jan

Hello all
               How easy is it to set up a Bg company to buy a house with land?
what paper work will be needed and do you have to pay tax on your company?
Does anybody know if it will be easy to buy a house in Bulgaria after 31st of jan. or have we got to wait until and if brexit gets sorted.
We are wanting to buy a house with small garden this year or early next. Any advice will help.

Small garden should not be classed as land.

I was told by a BG attorney that a US expat need to establish a business to by property. The type was not specified, though.

DrDuane :

I was told by a BG attorney that a US expat need to establish a business to by property. The type was not specified, though.

Considering this is Brexit (UK citizens) related to, your input is not helpful as we have different rules. But thank you for input.

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I will be sure to avoid all Brit issues and comments in the future.

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