Internet in Tirana


My name is Ed. We work online and need to make sure there is sufficient internet stability to have up to 6 skype video meetings per business day.

Can someone please tell me which are the main providers of home based internet, and which are known to be the most stable?

We are not expecting perfection, but if there are certain areas of Tirana, which are wired to the better internet Providers, we would prefer to try to find an apartment there to try to access the best internet possible.

Please advise on neighborhoods and/or service providers to consider.

Thank you!

Hi.In Tirana are many,albtelecom,digicom,abissnet...
In bllok where I drink coffe I were with wifi in a coffee,it was great very fast with digicom.

Digicom for me, I used to have Albtelecom but the internet hardly met the speed advertised. Whereas Digicom is fiber optic, and another bonus is that they have great deals if you pay for your year contract at one time. I got the advertised 50mbps download and 5 upload for 100mpbs dowload and 5 upload simply by paying the year contract at one time. They also have 24/7 support too. I work online as well so the difference between Digicom and Albtelecom for me is like night and day.

Hope that helps

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