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I am relocating to Bamako soon, I would appreciate any info about the cost of living, things to bring with us in terms of food,daily use stuff etc....

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I have been hoping for some replies but apparently luck so far.
I have been searching about moving to and living in Mali and also contacted some people already there.I think now I have quite a good idea about it. I will be moving there with my family in few days. Here are some general info that I am happy to share with you guys moving or planning to move to Mali like me.

As everyone knows, Mali is a hot country, so light cotton or linen clothes would be to best thing to have. Hats, sun screen and sandals could be of great help to move around.
I have been advised to carry some toiletries, detergents etc.. as these things are really expensive there. This is relevant for long stays of course, same goes for a water filter unless you are willing to buy mineral water.

I am told that medicine mainly french is available there, so I am only carrying some basic stuff with me such as aspirin, diarrhea, sun stroke, insect bite pills etc..
Electricity is a bit expensive so if you planning to carry your home appliances it would be good to go for energy saving ones.

Houses for rent are available and range from around 150 to 3000 euros depending on your budget and they are generally not furnished. If you are planning for a house with a swimming pool you should think about carrying it maintenance material as it is quite costly there.

Everybody says Malians are very hospitable and kind people, I am really eager to be there and get to know them and know about their culture.
This is what I can think of right now. Hope you find this helpful.

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