Are flavored cigarettes sold in Riyadh and where?

Hi there everyone,

I know cigarette smoking is not a popular thing , and I hope you guys respect that if it’s not something you approve of there is no need to reply to this question with advice since we’re all responsible adults.

I never spotted any cigarettes on display in Danube, HyperPanda, etc and don’t know if they stock them there (do they?) but I found Marlboro Reds in Meed. They were limited in options though; they didn’t have Blue.

I figured maybe they’re banned here, but the other day on the ground I was surprised to find an empty pack of Marlboro Double Fusion cigarettes. Are they sold here and I’ve just been looking in the wrong places or are they available at duty free in the airports...? Or did that pack belong to someone who’d smuggled them in somehow?

Thanks in advance guys!

Not much only one brand vouge slim but flavours r not so good I always order and bring from bahrian

Thanks for the reply!

Ahhh Bahrain, the first tourist attraction before Riyadh Season 😂

Where do they sell vogue slim?

Any shop like meed or Tammimi u can find

I checked they don’t have it  :sosad:

Meed only have the regular brands with red / blue / gold codes. Tamimi says the company stopped bringing Vogue a while back and they also just have the regular kinds.

They also don’t have a green (menthol) code for anything. I asked as well.

Let me check will inform u

I think you can try to visit local store (Bakala) in any street, like in a town. Most of markets don't have any flavor brands.

As the above poster said, usually cigarettes are available in the small local shops or smaller chain stores.  Also some hypermarkets, not all, stock them too.   These are usually not on display but behind the registers on the cash counters.

I am not sure about vogue but the "double switch" variants are easily available from L&M, Malboro etc.

Lastly, don't hold out much hope for Bahrain.  Ever since the Saudi cigarette packs were changed end of 2019 (for the generic packaging with graphic health warning), cigarettes in Bahrain are undergoing heavy shortages (this story was even covered by the newspapers in Bahrain).  A lot of people from Saudi are going across the causeway to buy them and also there is a lot of smuggling happening.  It's been two months and most shops in Bahrain are empty i.e. you literally can't find Malboro or the well known brands anywhere.  And where they have it, they restrict purchases per customer to 2-3 packets.  I suffer from this every weekend that I go back and have to roam around to find cigarettes.  And even then, I usually don't find my brand but similar ones.

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