My drivers License Expired a week before on my old Iqama

Dear Friends
I would really appreciate your kind cooperation and advice on the subject.

I lived in Saudi until 2017 with a valid driver's license. I left for Kuwait and I had to submit my Saudi license to get Kuwait driver's license. Now i am back in Saudi. I have photocopies of My Saudi Driver's License and My Kuwaiti License.

Both my licenses expired last week. Is there a way to transfer my old license that expired a week ago on my new Iqama submitting them both the copies of my Kuwaiti and Saudi Licenses or do i need to begin the process from the scratch?

Your advise and reply is highly appreciated.

Hi Haleem

I faced the same situation 2013
All you need to do is to go through the process of having a driveling license and inform the officer that you already hold an expired one
You will be paid the governmental charges and in the same day you will have the new one on your hand

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