Marrying a Moroccan lady - Documents Needed

Hi All, after reading so many posts I am hoping to get clarity and serve a dual purpose to help other UK citizens marrying a Moroccan lady or vice Versa. I have read many posts but it’s still confusing ..

I am due to go to Morocco in less than 8 weeks and have an embassy meeting booked at the same time. ( first time getting married )

My understanding of what’s required is as below:

1) UK birth certificate - if you have the two part original does an ORIGINAL Birth Certificate need to be legalised from the .GOV website ? Or does that apply to copies only if you don’t have the original  ?
2) proof of employment - letter stating start date, and salary only and signed by a director ?
3) ACRO police record only - I understand this must be legalised in the UK. Takes 10 working days . Cannot be a DBS Check.
4) up to date payslips for last 3 months

Which of the above must be legalised in the UK from the UK website

Do any need to be taken as certified copies ?

Do all the above need translating in Morocco ?

Documents TO take to Morocco alongside ?

Passport - are certified copies needed to be taken ?
UK Card Driving Licence for uk Address proof - are certified copies needed to be taken ?


1 )Capacity of marriage from consulate in Rabat as that’s closest ). They will give a certificate of identity which you will then take to the Morrocan authorities to have it apostilled at the ministry of foreign affairs ? Does the ministry of affairs require a pre booked appointment?

2) Moroccan criminal record - how do you get this ?
4)police report from Morocco
5)Medical certificate
6) police interview

Visit the mahkama(Court) for confirmation

Have I missed anything to take with me ?

Hi you have all documented  need But be sure who your to marry has a medical as well even though it's in there country Morocco have this checked out women all man I have a friend was about to marry a Moroccan man and found out he had HIV and wasn't  sure if he named the women carrying this disease so no marriage was done Be safe and keep healthy

You need to have a document from your local registry office proving your free to marry. All documents need to be translated to Arabic but it's best to do this in Morocco and get them stamped by a notaire or avicat
You may not be able to get married straight away. Often they send you away a couple of times for various reasons
The paperwork you get from the register office here in UK is valid for three months then you'll have to pay again to update
All the best..

Oh really that’s new I didn’t realise I needed this document , it’s not mentioned in other posts from people who have gone to Morocco and married  . It this a must and who requires to see it in Morocco ?

I’m not suggesting you are wrong just it’s not been mentioned in several threads I have read ?

YIKES! That’s scary! Do you know which city he was from?

Yes I do know but it's up to my friend to name the city I leave that to her  all I can say to this is when ask for a medical from doctors in Morocco  check your partner out as well they I mean there government are so out there to check your medical if marrying a Moroccan but failed to check out there own first
My friend was lucky enough to have this checked out  before she committed to this marriage and call it off

Yes you need a Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) from the UK, it takes a month to process so dont delay this.

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