Just for fun: Unusual cultural habits in Morocco and around the world

In this Just for fun thread, we would like to highlight unconventional customs which make Morocco stand out. This is a chance, at the same time, to learn about other countries’ equally interesting traditions.

1. Which country considers cats to be lucky? How about Morocco?
2. In which country should you not write in red ink?
3. Is there anything like a 15-minute grace period in Morocco or is showing up on time or earlier a common practice?
4. In which country do people greet each other by rubbing noses?
5. What is one custom associated with Moroccan culture that you have found to be quite unusual?

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Black cats are lucky in Britain and Japan
Korea does not allow writing in red ink
Moiri people from new Zealand rub noses to greet each other
If morocain people give themselves a 15 minute Grace period for an appointment they need to let the rest of us know. They are always late and usually a lot later than 15 minutes.
I don't find any of thier customs unusual except for the above

Scotland and Britain consider cats to be good luck and maybe Morocco haha I thought when I was there at how many cats are everywhere where ever you go.  I think Korea and China do not like you writing people's names in red as part of taboo.  Eskimos and Maori culture rub noses on greeting ..well Eskimo rub and Maori more touch nose to nose. Maybe the Moroccans are not so punctual..I'm not sure about this as when I was there people did things in the moment. Such a beautiful time spent there.  I didn't find anything strange about the culture but I am quite open to anything.


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