Just for fun: Unusual cultural habits in England and around the world

In this Just for fun thread, we would like to highlight unconventional customs which make England stand out. This is a chance, at the same time, to learn about other countries’ equally interesting traditions.

1. Which country considers cats to be lucky? How about England?
2. In which country should you not write in red ink?
3. Is there anything like a 15-minute grace period in England or is showing up on time or earlier a common practice?
4. In which country do people greet each other by rubbing noses?
5. What is one custom associated with English culture that you have found to be quite unusual?

Thanks for participating,

Hi Diksha,
I'll try that one:
The Japanese see cats as symbols for good fortune and luck.
And in China people could be offended if you use red ink as it's considered to be a colour used by state officials. Isn't it globally be a well known signal colour which displays and draws attention?
The 15m grace period depends on the socio-cultural environment. That said, if you work in a high pressurized job, people maybe don't gave you extra time, whereas in academical settings it's considered be part of formal etiquette. On the other side, in central Europe, like in Germany people could be easily offended if you run late as punctuality is a German virtue. Here in the UK I tried to show up 15-30m before shift start.
Wiki answered my curiosity with: "Some indigenous tribes from Canada, Denmark, Greenland amd the USA rub their noses as a greeting ceremony",. aybe they have adopted their behaviour from environmental studies, like the sociol interaction between seals, penguins and co.
I was completely stunned about the unique English queue system, which how I learnt quite early has national heritage status. When I came to the UK 6 years ago, I worked on the nightshift for 2 years. One night, after a long shift I went to a store to get my breakfast. Somehow the cashier 'sensed / felt' that I'm not from here and ordered another customer who was behind me to queue jump. I was shocked, because he didn't ask me beforehand amd personally, I think it was rude. On another level, I know that he just tried subconsciously to demonstrate the famous queue system aka micro-management and I demonstrated free-will by leaving my basked next to his checkout area, said thank you so much and left :)

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