Marrying a Moroccan Lady - Documents Needed ?

Hi All, after reading so many posts I am hoping to get clarity and serve a dual purpose to help other UK citizens marrying a Moroccan lady or vice Versa.

I am due to go to Morocco in less than 8 weeks and have an embassy meeting booked at the same time. ( first time getting married )

My understanding of what’s required is as below:

1) UK birth certificate - if you have the two part original does an ORIGINAL Birth Certificate need to be legalised from the .GOV website ? Or does that apply to copies only if you don’t have the original  ?
2) proof of employment - letter stating start date, and salary only and signed by a director ?
3) ACRO police record only - I understand this must be legalised in the UK. Takes 10 working days . Cannot be a DBS Check.
4) up to date payslips for last 3 months

Which of the above must be legalised in the UK from the UK website

Do any need to be taken as certified copies ?

Do all the above need translating in Morocco ?

Documents TO take to Morocco alongside ?

Passport - are certified copies needed to be taken ?
UK Card Driving Licence for uk Address proof - are certified copies needed to be taken ?


1 )Capacity of marriage from consulate in Rabat as that’s closest ). They will give a certificate of identity which you will then take to the Morrocan authorities to have it apostilled at the ministry of foreign affairs ? Does the ministry of affairs require a pre booked appointment?

2) Moroccan criminal record - how do you get this ?
4)police report from Morocco
5)Medical certificate
6) police interview

Visit the mahkama(Court) for confirmation

Have I missed anything to take with me ?

Hello was wondering if I can get help please, I want to marry my fiancé in Morocco but at the moment I am not working but getting money from the Government and on maternity leave, do I need to show proof?

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