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I've been in Belgium for more than 4 years (4 Work Permit - Type B, 2 Single Permit so far). I would like to know if I'm eligible to apply for Work Permit - Type A.

I've searched the forums and all links say that the rule has changed since the single permit has been introduced. So would like to know if I can apply for WP - Type A.

My current Single Permit is valid for 3 years but is tied to my employer. Any leads would be of great help.

Thank you very much.

if you've been working for at least 4 years in Belgium with a WP B (requested by your employer, NOT you), you're eligible to request an unlimited work permit.

By the way, after 5 years of stay, you can request to be a permanent resident (D card), so no more work permit...

I've been working for 4+ years in Belgium with WP Type - B requested by my employer.

I've 8 more months to complete 5 Years in Belgium (from Date I've received my first Resident Permit). Would it be a good idea that I apply for Unlimited Work Permit now and Permanent Resident card after 8 - 10 months ?

The reason is I'm planning to switch my employer in few months. So having an unlimited WP would help.

Also, does the Unlimited Work Permit has any specific validity ? And will it affect the Single Permit of my wife who's also working ?

Administration is always a pain.
So, it's up to you! I was just saying that everything will be easier when you'll request your D card.

Nothing will ever change for your wife.
Administration will always see you as 2 separated cases, unless you became EU citizen (dual nationality)
You'll have an advantage, not her. Now, her right to stay in Belgium will probably goes a bit more smoothlier if she's not working, as you'll be a permanent resident soon.
Everything is fine for her, as long as you're working (if she's not) as she's probably in your care.

Thank you for the info AlexFromBelgium !

My wife is also working at this moment. I hope nothing changes for her with respect to her current Dependent Work Permit irrespective of my Work Permit Type A or Permanent Resident.

I see from the employment site that the documents for Work Permit - Type A need to be submitted at Work Permit - CCN (Brussels North station), Rue du Progrès 80 - 1035 Bruxelles

So nothing to do with commune ? And any specific validity for this Unlimited Work permit ?

I read from the link … -unlimited as WorkPermit Type-B of highly qualified staff and seconded employees cannot be counted for the number of years of employment for Unlimited Work Permit.

I was earlier employed by an Indian employer and was working for a client in Belgium. I had WorkPermit Type-B during that time. Now I'm working for a Belgian company.

Would I be eligible to apply for Unlimited Single Permit in this case ?

This is a recent amendment to the policy and we dont know yet if this is strictly enforced. The best is visit your commune a few days after you complete 5 years from the date of issue of your first RP, and ask them if you are eligible to apply for a long-term resident card.

Hi Anesh, I've 6 more months to complete 5 years. I've checked in commune and they have asked me to come back after 7 - 8 months to apply for Permanent Residency (Type-D). They've also told me that it will take approx 4-6 months to get a result on the application.

So I was thinking to apply for Unlimited work permit (Previously Type-A work permit) as mentioned in my previous post. Since I was working for an Indian company earlier (for 4 years) I was not sure if I can apply for this already. In commune, they don't know about this and have asked me to check in WorkPermit office at Brussels Noord. They don't know either, they've just asked to submit the application with necessary documents. I'm afraid that if it will affect my Permanent Residency or existing Resident Permit (Single Permit) by any means.

Any leads would be of great help.

Thank you !

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