Living cost in Malaysia

hello Every One,

I am going to sign offer for the job in Malaysia.
Can i get the information related to living cost .
What is the rent of 1bhk flat?
What is the food cost for family?
Which month school Admission starts ?
What will be the start date of school and timings?
What is fees for KG1 and Class -V ?
Can we pay the fees on monthly installment ?

So that we will plan it.
warm regards
Vijay Bhagat

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I suggest you read other threads here for information as many of your questions have been answered before. Try for living costs.

For accommodation, I suggest looking at earlier threads when people have asked questions about rental. The three links I also give are:

You just enter the name of the area you wish to live, give other details such as number of rooms, budget etc and you get a long list of listings.

For schools, I suggest choosing the school that fits your budget first and then looking on the websites where you will find a lot of information pertaining to their specifics on payments, admissions, dates etc.

Regarding schools - prices vary hugely. See this list!

Be aware that generally an application fee (approx 500-1,500RM per child) + an enrolment/registration fee (varies hugely) + a deposit of one term's fees needs to be paid when your child/ren are accepted into a school (the deposit gets refunded as long as you give at least one term's notice before leaving). You also have to pay the first term in advance. So, the start up can be very costly. You may be able to negotiate a different way of paying but it would be unusual and quite unlikely.

For career expats I always say 20k min for single, 25k married with non working partner, plus either free places of kids or you need at least 5k per month extra salary per kid 4 and over. This is assuming full family medical. If not add 2k a month.

So a married person with trailing spouse plus two kids should earn a minimum salary of 35k a month assuming full medical. That is before tax. If you get free (good) housing knock off 4k. Free car knock off 2k.

Now for singles, or working couples, who are young and priorities are fun, travel and adventure rather than saving for retirement and nesting, a lower salary is ok. 15k a month is ok, but not luxury. But depends on you, maybe all itis a chance to get overseas and get experience so 12k is ok for some. Or even 10k for those who can really live like a local. Under that it miserable living even for locals - who laugh when you suggest that's a lot.

But with kids, you need to be serious.

Many ASEAN expats these days earn far more, and good as old racist attitudes have gone ("west is best" lol) but if from UK especially Brits forget the cost of healthcare and too many forget retirement planning. Always assume 25% of your salary is deferred - should be saved in a stock fund for retirement.

Can any one give the information regarding Indian school (CBSE school board) available.
When is term starting for yaer 2020- 2021.
What is the fee structure for KG-1 and class-V.
So i can plan it.

warm regards
Vijay Bhagat

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