UK Expat - Does my present full pension allowance continue?

Not sure how you put the question but here are my facts .

I receive a full single allowance UK pension for a male British citizen for the last two years because the last 2 years I have been granted full UK residence .

Before the last 2 years I was non resident living in Thailand since the age of 65.  I am now 78 years of age.

My pension was frozen as from age 65 at the rate of conception until I returned to UK and applied for residential status and thus my pension has been increased to current single man's allowance.

I'm considering returning to live again in Thailand, which means I will surrender my UK residential status.

My question is:  Does my present full pension allowance continue?

Does the DHSS take into consideration that I have fulfilled 2 years UK residence and allow the full present pension to continue to be paid .when living in Thailand.

I realize it will again be frozen, but at what rate?  The present rate or the rate as at 65 years of age.

Thanks for any assistance in answering my question.
Cheers Paul

Hi Paul,

I would ask them to confirm, but my understanding is you get the uplift for the years you are UK resident again but would lose the uplift on the years you were not UK resident on returning offshore.

G;day Cobber,  Can't comment on UK pension but in Australia if I move to Thailand I can receive my single pension but it will be clipped of some miscellaneous items and, here's the good one, if I sell my house and move to Thailand to live I will no longer be classed as a resident of Australia and and any monies earned in Australia will be taxed at 32.5%.  That reduces my pension by nearly 1/3.

Good luck

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