Where can I see apartment classifieds ?


I am looking to get an apartment from a private landlord as im on a budget and dont want to pay agency fees etc.

I know of the times of malta website,and maltapark.

Is there any other sites ?


many apartments these days get rented just through word of mouth and of course phone numbers on boards on the properties them selves - these are generally identified by the words direct from owner.

try popping into some local shops and bars as many have properties of their own for rent.

Where are you looking to rent ???

St Julians and Silema are going to be expensive but you may find a share as toonarmy said go into bars and shops and ask..

Good luck in your search

Looking for a place in Qawra or Bugibba....and im still stuck in the UK just now !

Dont give up on your dream..... there are plenty of bars around there that may have places, also there are hostels that you can stay at that are really cheap whilst you are looking.

www - dot - hostelbookers - dot - com is a good site

Try checking the Times of Malta online.  Sunday is the biggest classified section but you see many privately advertised properties in there.

Alternatively, check out the classifieds on this forum.  Loads there too.

Good luck.