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Hello all,

I have been married to a Brazilian for five years, and we are planning on moving to SP at the beginning of 2020. I recently applied for the VITEM XI, and expect it to be issued next week (once my passport is in hand I will also ask for a CPF). Our marriage has been certified at the consulate, and we also have a marriage certificate emitted at a Cartorio in Brazil. I have contacts that would offer me long term employment in Brazil once my status allows.

My biggest doubt relates to the difference between registration and authorization of residency on the site of Policia Federal. The  PF Visto Consular section of their site implies most of the due diligence is performed at the consulate abroad, and the Protocolo given when the requirements listed serves to initiate the process of getting a CTPS. The page that describes Residency Authorization suggests that I would need to bring translated docs w/ apostile (including a copy of the same FBI background check just sent to the consulate).

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with the main concern as well as the smaller detail below:

1) Is it necessary/possible to schedule registration in SP? Is the service able to be performed at GRU, or do I have to travel to  DELEMIG/DREX/SR/PF/SP in Agua Branca? I went through the process once before when I studied in Brazil years ago, but the PF office in Galeao was operating on a first come/first serve basis.



The bad news is that yes, since the current immigration laws went into effect in 2017, you need to re-submit some of the documentation that you submitted for your visa to the Polícia Federal to request your CRNM:  the protocolo from the Consulate is no longer sufficient.  When your links are cleared I'll have a look at that first one, but chances are that it refers to the policy under the old VIPER, that terminated in 2017.

The good news is that you already have most of the necessary documents listed here: … o-familiar

Note that you don't need a birth certificate, if your Certidão Consular and/or your certidão from the cartório show your parents' names ("filiação), as they must.

With respect to your FBI Background Check, if you had the foresight to use an Approved Channeler and opted to receive both a hard copy and an electronic copy, you can send the electronic file to a company in Washington that obtains Federal apostilles.  I've used them:  they have a fast turnaround, and I had no problem with the Polícia Federal accepting the apostilled document.  If you want to go that route, send me a PM, and I'll give you the details.

I notice that you´re in Chicago.  If you did not use a Channeler, but need one, I recommend Accurate Biometrics, in the Metropolitan Building on N. LaSalle.  They're fast, easy to work with, and can provide both hard copy and an electronic version for download.

Can't help you with where to go in São Paulo, since I'm in another state, but lots of people here have gone through the São Paulo office, so someone is bound to chime in.

*ETA*  Once you have the Polícia Federal Protocolo showing that your CRNM application is being processed, you can use that to apply for your CTPS at the São Paulo State Department of Labor.

abthree has answered this better than a consulate. Trust him and you will be fine.
You are close and just need to apply for the CRNM when in SP.

Hi all,

I wanted to write this post as a follow-up in case anyone finds themselves in a similar situation. Once you obtain your visa at the consulate, you can begin to look at the materials you will need here when you register at the Policia Federal. I brought all documents listed with copies made (I only went to the Cartorio for the declararions listed ), and they quickly made a mess of my carefully organized folder to grab only some of the papers. Note that the form the PF asks for you to fill out can only be completed after arrival.

The amount of time it takes you to get your protocolo+work permission depends entirely on where you will be able to first prove fixed residence. Unfortunately for those in larger cities (especially Sao Paulo), the waiting time for registration is around 6 weeks (if you already have proof of residence in the name of either you or your spouse, you can schedule the meeting before you arrive to cut down the wait time). You can also try your luck waiting in line to see if they will see you without an appointment, but no guarantees. Once you are registered, your protocolo is valid for 180 days (which is hopefully enough time for the CRNM to arrive, but you can always go to the PF again to extend the validity if you run into delays). When you are getting your CTPS after you have received your protocolo, make sure you confirm the office you are going to handles foreigners (you will receive a green CTPS vs. the blue reserved for Brazilians). Your CTPS is only valid for as long as your protocolo, so you will have to go back to get a new stamp when your CRNM arrives (and when you extend validity of the protocolo if it takes longer than 180 days to arrive).

If anyone is immigrating with the VITEM XI, it will save you a lot of trouble if you can get a proof of residence in either your or your spouse's name ASAP. It will be necessary for opening a bank account, getting your CTPS, and the PF may ask for it when you see them (make sure it matches what you have listed on your form). I was fortunate that the new electricity bill arrived a day before I had my scheduled registration with the PF. The bill was in my wife's name, but I drafted a letter (signed in a Cartorio) that stated I was living in the house.

If all the stars align, you can get registered and have CTPS within a week of arriving, but please realize any bit of bad luck can easily delay it as much as 6-8 weeks. The PF nearly made a clerical error that would have forced me to wait until my CRNM arrived in the mail (anywhere from 1-6 months) before I could get my CTPS. Please be extremely careful to ensure that your parents' names (filiacao) are exactly the same on all documents, as this can create issues at any stage of the process.

Great job, and really good input.  The stars definitely aligned for you, but you were ready to act when they did.  Congratulations!

Good evening. First time poster here so my apologies for my confusion but I've been following the conversations and love the information and advice and now need some for myself, please.

Regarding the permanent visa, I applied with all necessary documentation based on marriage and was approved in Miami, Florida at the Consulate. I was lucky. I had my appointment and my approved visa within 3 hours. They advised me to go to the Federal Police once I arrived with my paperwork I had brought to the Consulate in Miami (just in case) and my visa they gave me and the FP would start the process and I should have my PR soon after. They advised I did not need to pay any other money in Brazil because I had already paid the almost $300.00 in the US for the Visa. My husband and I went to the FP in SP and was treated as if we were idiots and told we needed to a website and fill out all these other forms and that I would also need to provide my job information because I work in the US and will continue to do so. The young man refused to help us and blew us off. I told my husband I felt we were given incorrect information and because we live so far from the FP office that I wanted to verify with someone else before we left. We got back in line and ended up with the same exact person. I tried to show him the Visa in my passport and he provided us a piece of paper with a list of items and stated I had to pay more money. Can someone please advise me of the correct information and what my next steps are? My apologies for the long post but I'm so confused and frustrated. Thanks in advance.

Hi, treisty,
Welcome to Brazil!

Yes, unfortunately, and rather inexplicably, you were misinformed at the Consulate.   I say "inexplicably" because the process they described to you was the one that was in place until November 21, 2017; then it was replaced by the one that the Federal Police explained to you.  The Consulate should have gotten the memo long ago, and that's probably why the Federal Police seemed short-tempered.

So, follow the instructions that you now have, and you should be ok.  Any further questions as you work through it, by all means, post them, and we'll do our best to answer.

Thank you for the quick response. I thought we had been misinformed here in SP. I will keep you posted. Also, thanks for the welcome.  :heart:

Ola treisty and welcome,
abthree has given you the best info. Consulates grant temporary visas as the visa you applied, but under the new laws the DPF/MJ handles immigrations. You at least got the CRNM (permanent residence) process started in a timely manner.
The check list the PF gave you outlines what is required.
You have began the BR way of life. Unfortunate as to treatment received.
Is there another office around? Seems SP is getting a lot of traffic and a little "short" with many.
Keep us in the loop. Many of us have done the same and can offer advise.

Anybody would think the same thing that you did:  the Consulate has the obligation to get it right, especially when the "new" law is now more than two years old!  Their screw-up, but as Tex says, "welcome to the BR way of life", at least on the not-so-good days.  It gets better. :top:

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