Dependent VISA with old and cured TB in Dubai

Hi Xtang,

I am on employment VISA in Dubai, i am in the process of sponsoring my spouse for resident permit, she went for the medical and she is being called again on the same medical center where doctor have asked her that if she has any history of TB or Pneumonia, Doctor has asked her to do the further test for Sputum for 3 days and one more film of xray after 15 days.

My wife is not sure if she has TB in when she was small, but currently she is fit and without medicine, we also have a 3 year old kid.

Kindly suggest that this is and what will be the final result, will she be declared as medically fit ?

What happened then ?? Did she clear ?? Got visa ?

Yes, she has got the VISA for 1 year

is she asked to follow up for any treatment ?

Yes, in every 6 months

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