Home decoration ideas for expats in Panama


After moving to Panama, setting up home and turning your accommodation into your personal abode can be a great way to start off your new life and feel at home. We would like to know whether expats are keen on decorating and furnishing to warm up their space whether for the festive season or all year-round.

Upon renting a new apartment or house in Panama, do you redesign your accommodation to suit your taste? Are your choices influenced by price, climate, etc…?

Have you brought any interior decoration items from your home country or did you consider buying any once in Panama?

As an expat in Panama do you find it worthy to invest in home decor? Could you share what you have bought and perhaps some interesting places to shop for home decor?

How would you describe the local style of decoration? Have you picked up any item which reflects the local style?

Would you be inspired by the festive season to decorate and add a festive touch to your living space?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


What a Great topic!  i dont think It has never been discussed on this site before.  I have
A interior design background from Canada, so colours, furniture, using space effectively
Is extremely important to me.  After snowbirding here for the last 8 years, I find it interesting
How I am adapting my tastes.  This year I have decided to paint my stairs going from the
Main floor to a second level, glossy bright red!!,   Lol.  Downstairs I have mostly neutral colours
So a touch of splashy red, as an ascent goes quite well, we think.  But if you would have
Suggested that to me, 5 years ago, I would have said, Red???.  I also consult, Houz, a decorating
App, for solutions.  Some projects still left to be done, I have already changed my mind
Several times, as my tastes have evolved.  I used to think painting the outside of your house,
Bright pink. Or orange, etc., is extremely ugly, but I am changing in that arena also.
I still have problems with certain colour combinations, like orange paint with brown stone,
Accents, or pink and red??  but then again it’s not my house, and many colour combo’s I see,
And usually snap a photo, for possible later reference.  I also have problems with coloured
Bathroom fixtures, in Canada, they are ALWAYS white, then you colour around them!!, And
I doubt if that will ever change.  We bought a house with navy fixtures.  They got changed
Rather quickly, lol.  I would love to hear of other expats.

Many Panamians find it funny When I tell them Cdns. Generally Never repaint the exterior of their house before 10 or 20 years!,

Again, no intro, multiple questions... *sigh*

As for home décor, I care less and less the older I get. Our house is a working house and the living room looks like a music studio. The furniture you had up north may not work here. We have plastic tables and chairs, great in this humidity and can be cleaned with a scrub brush and bleach. Mold ate holes in the paint on the front door so I repainted it red, my bit of bright color. We have Christmas lights because I think they are pretty. I think they've been up for 5 years now. ha!

As long as the house is somewhat clean and orderly and I can do what I want in it, I don't care much what it looks like.

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