Home decoration ideas for expats in China


After moving to China, setting up home and turning your accommodation into your personal abode can be a great way to start off your new life and feel at home. We would like to know whether expats are keen on decorating and furnishing to warm up their space whether for the festive season or all year-round.

Upon renting a new apartment or house in China, do you redesign your accommodation to suit your taste? Are your choices influenced by price, climate, etc…?

Have you brought any interior decoration items from your home country or did you consider buying any once in China?

As an expat in China do you find it worthy to invest in home decor? Could you share what you have bought and perhaps some interesting places to shop for home decor?

How would you describe the local style of decoration? Have you picked up any item which reflects the local style?

Would you be inspired by the festive season to decorate and add a festive touch to your living space?

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After relocating from Beijing  where we lived in a small studio out not in the center, to Shanghai, we found Expat ghettos and other similar areas outrageously expensive for our modest income, hence we rented a place in Baoshan district, empty place where we had to install AC, washing machine, bathroom equipment, water heater, flooring etc and after 2 years, all the cost are already more than covered with a  pretty much lower renting price and we can sell or move with our equipment elsewhere.

Renting in China is different from renting in the US, here you pay for a full year up front and usually the places come furnished.  The furnishing can be rather tacky so if you plan to stay you will most likely start asking the landlord to take things out so you can put stuff in.  My place came with an ugly green faux leather couch that had seen much better days maybe in the 1940's (not really but it looked that old).  I finally got the landlord to agree to let me throw it away and I bought a nice sectional for about $100.  The landlord has asked that when I move I leave it and I have agreed...she will pay me for it and it's one less item to move.  OH, the first decorating item to get for most apartments in China, air freshener for the bathroom since the plumbing in most buildings is pretty bad.  Industrial strength is best.

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