Home decoration ideas for expats in Canada


After moving to Canada, setting up home and turning your accommodation into your personal abode can be a great way to start off your new life and feel at home. We would like to know whether expats are keen on decorating and furnishing to warm up their space whether for the festive season or all year-round.

Upon renting a new apartment or house in Canada, do you redesign your accommodation to suit your taste? Are your choices influenced by price, climate, etc…?

Have you brought any interior decoration items from your home country or did you consider buying any once in Canada?

As an expat in Canada do you find it worthy to invest in home decor? Could you share what you have bought and perhaps some interesting places to shop for home decor?

How would you describe the local style of decoration? Have you picked up any item which reflects the local style?

Would you be inspired by the festive season to decorate and add a festive touch to your living space?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


Hi Bhavna,
You're absolutely right, customizing and decorating the place you will live in, whether a sample small room, an apartment or a house makes you feel home. It gives you stability, the sense of quite and cooziness .

At the beginning , right after you land in Canada, it is not the first thing you really do, you are busy in unpacking, buying the things you need.

Decorating your home in Canada, is not expensive if you decide not to spend much money. We have Dollarama, "dollar store" where you can buy small things , that will add a very nice look to your home.
Each piece can be between 2 to 4 dollars. Actually the store has things for the kitchen for the bathroom, electricity even stationary.

Please let me know if i covered your answer or if you need any help. are you immigrating to Quebec or Ontario or another province?

Forgot to mention that these chain of stores are economic for you to save money at the beginning. Once You are settled and have steady income there are higher scale stores to shop from.
You can bring from your country some special stuff related to your culture. this will be very interesting for Canadian visitors who will come to your house.

I'm agree with your statement, home is not home without its beauty, and this only possible if you do the perfect decor your home, we can manage small home with large stuff if we perfectly manage the decoration part, it looks good after that so it's most important thing.

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