Expat Dating; There is none. Change my Mind.

So, you're here in Kuwait, where they restrict everything from dating
to dancing in clubs. That is not the way the world works, but hey, we're here to do the work that either no one else can do, or that no one else wants to do. But that doesn't mean we should be restricted from dating. So, where do you meet women from other countries not bound by this country's rules that would like to date? Its a fair assessment and a fair question.

Expats have to accept the rules if the country they chose to live in.
Think of the pay, then take a cold shower.

I have to notice that "World" includes more than our own societies, so obviously meeting other people while dancing in clubs is not "how the world works".

Meeting people online is supposedly a thing now, and there are many cafes and events where you might meet someone. I know that for a fact because a friend met and married a girl here. :)

Good luck!

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