Anybody taken pet cat from uk to come and live in Thailand ?

Anybody taken pet cat from uk to come and live in thailand if so what's the stuff I need to do ie papers

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I’m relocating too and taking my cat with me.

Just seen your post.  The answer is yes, 3 Years ago we brought our cat from UK to Thailand, it was a traumatic journey for the poor thing but she made it. My advice is to travel on the same aircraft and have the cat with you in the cabin.  We didn't do that and she ended up in Cargo.  It took us 5 hours to get her cleared and on the way home, a big error on our part.  Much easier to process the cat in the terminal customs area rather than in cargo.  if you need more into, just message me.
Just to add something, if I was to do it again I would not.  She had never really settled here and  I think that we did her a big disservice bringing her.  She mostly stays  inside, although she could roam the garden.  The,local cats are too ferule for her to deal with, which means that she is scared in her own space. Not a good environment when she had such a good life in the UK.  I would think twice or three times before I did it again.  In my opinion, at least in her case, it just isn't fair on the animal.

Thinks for the replies yes I am having second thoughts about bringing him but I couldn't leave him here. I dont think he has ever seen another cat never goes out of the house but I am worried about the flight and the bugs and things in thailand he dosnt see danger simply because he got a very good life here my fault really I've spoilt him. And if it came to it I would stay in the uk if I think thailand not for him.
Thanks again

I got a few replays about taking my cat to Thailand all not good they say cats there are more wild and my cat would be scared and also about the bugs and the heat so now I am having second thoughts. The import permit and export were easy to get and flights with him in the cabin turkey airline is the best and cheapest then klm and air france. I know I cant leave my cat here so if it meant staying in the uk I would I woukdnt want him to be unhappy there
Hope you relocate to a nice hot place


I would be interested to know how to get my cat to travel in the cabin with me.

I searched far and wide but it seems for LHR-BKK direct route - none of the international flights accept pet in the cabin. I was recommended to use PETAIRUK for their premium service. I will fly with British Airway.

My cat is a rescue so I would hate to leave her in the shelter again and I will relocate for a long haul too. Cat and I  both attached to each other, hope we both can adapt to the change. Once I can cattify the garden at my new place in Bangkok, hope she can enjoy the outside garden and the warm weather.

They very expensive break the journey it will give you a couple of hours at a airport to feed and water and stretch legs if you go into toilet at airport without them seeing.turkey air us very cheap only 70 euro but 2/3 hours in Istanbul they seem more oet friendly then the rest. It maybe worth flying from manchester I've only looked at manchester airport

well things must have changed in the last 3 years.  as both BA and Eva Air allowed small cats and dogs in the cabin, if you were flying Business Class. I dont know about Thai, as they are an odd airline in almost all respects.

Oh well, I will be flying out from Heathrow. I prefer the direct flight because the longer the flight, the longer the cat has to be in the crate. 11 hours direct vs 15-17hrs with a break is no good for me and Momo.

Here is what I got quoted from PetAir. Please see below. I will go with the Gold one for the convenient.

''We offer two levels of service, Silver and Gold. The difference between the two is that with the Gold service we complete all the necessary pre-travel veterinary tests and paperwork, while with the Silver service we liaise with your own vet to ensure this is completed satisfactorily.

The following are included in both packages:

Airline ticket from London with BA / Thai Air to Bangkok, Thailand (subject to availability) 
Airline surcharges (Handling / Security / War Insurance / Fuel / Airway Bill / Transit Fees)   
Custom made PetAir UK, IATA approved, wooden travel container with bedding and water facility (see below)
Export customs entry
Meet at airport for assisted check in
Our Gold service additionally includes:

DEFRA export health certificate application
Import Permit
Collection from home (NW postcode) and 1 night boarding
DEFRA export health certificate completion by a vet
Transport to the airport
We can provide the above services for a total cost of Silver £806.23  and Gold £1144.23 (VAT not applicable as destination is outside EU).

Our custom made standard cat crates (suitable for cats weighing up to 5kg) are also sprayed with a pheromone called Feli-Friend. This relaxes our feline VIPs and helps calm them during the flight making sure they feel safe and secure throughout the journey.

Momo will require a microchip, rabies vaccination (no less than 21 days before the flight and not more than 1 year old) and a full routine vaccinations. For dogs this must include Hepatitis, Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza and Leptospira (no less than 21 days before the flight and not more than 1 year old).  For cats they should be fully vaccinated (as per manufacturers guidelines)  against Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleucopenia  (no less than 21 days before the flight and not more than 1 year old). 

Also DEFRA export paperwork needs to be completed by a government vet before the flight. Either you can arrange this with your local vet or we will do it as part of our Gold service above."

Yes, it has changed indeed! … -with-pets

Export permit is free just email them and they send papers to your vet to sign. Vet charge £30 this is the health certificate you need.
Import permit you email bangkok with scans of import permit and pet vaccinations and they will  email you back with permit you pay at bangkok 1000 baht for permit and 500 baht some kind of tax . You will need to pay import duty but that is depndantant on value I just said I got cat free so no value. The airlines that let a pet in cabin are few air France. Turkey air klm and finnair a few smaller which wouldnt be good for you or your pet. I have flown with a few of the bigger airlines and they are ok. I did look at using a company but I hot around the same price £1200 for being in the hold seems funny my flights are less then £500 doing it myself with turkey air or finnair the total to take hom is less then £250
But just found out must stay more then 3 months and get blood tests done for rabies when I bring him back to the uk

You dont need  a rabies injection to go to Thailand the uk is rabies free but you will need to have done in Thailand and blood test taken and sent to scotland for results and must wait e month before you  an bring hom back to uk have look at this site gives you latest info and it's much easier then you think.oy the airlines here that want everything

thank you for all the useful sharing

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