Suitable areas for renting an apartment/studio


I will soon be moving to Mauritius and I would like your help to narrow down potential areas for renting an apartment/studio.

I will be working in Ebene and I do not plan to rent a car full-time. I am an outgoing person and do like to be close to happening spots. I would also prefer an area with more expats.

My budget is around 12k (house rent) and as I would not have a car, I would need to be close to public transport. Or if it is really important to have a car and/or if you feel that the amount I have budgeted for house rent isn't enough, then please let me know. 

I appreciate the help.


Welcome on the forum :)
Finding a good area to live is not an easy task...
If you want to live in a place close to happening spots and close to expats, North would be great for you I think. But it's pretty far from Ebene, especially by public transportation.

Flic en Flac is closer to Ebene, it's pretty alive and you'll find a lot of expats there too.

Regarding budget, I guess 12K is reasonnable for a studio in the North. It will be cheaper in Flic en Flac.
You can have a look  at our housing section to have a better idea.

Good luck :)

Hello Helena,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please advise how long the journey would take using public transport from North to Ebene and from Flic en Flac to Ebene?

From what I have read, public transport options in flic en flac aren't as developed :/


Hello Moizalip,

I am not familiar enough with public transportation unfortunately. I asked around and I've been told that Grand Baie - Ebene would be faster by public transport than from Flic en Flac. You'll still have to change bus at Port Louis though.
Basically a good hour door to door.

Huge traffic if you choose Flic en Flac to Ebene.. as there is only one road in flic en flac.
Hence government will construct another road in the coming years

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