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Hi all,

I hope you all are having a lovely day. My name is Dwayne from England. I have a question but can’t seem to find the answer anywhere online. So was hoping you lovely people could give me a better insight to my question.

Background behind the question- I got a offer of a job in Oman and came on a work visa in September 2019 but after a week of working, I had a family emergency so had to quit and return to England. Now I’m still looking to work in Oman as the country looks great to work in so my question is, would I be able to apply to another job in Oman and get another work visa, or am I banned from returning? Your answers are much appreciated in advance.


Hello, I only filed the work visa and waiting for the decision to receive it. So I am not very knowable but AFAIK If you haven't received the NOC from the employer, you won't be able to work in the Sultanate in the coming 2 years next to the departure.

How long does the work visa take for you to process and what was/ is your profession?

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