Cancellation of EP VISA

Dear Team

I was working here in Malaysia from 28-Aug-2018 and my visa is valid till 27-Aug-2020. I already have given my notice period on 22-August-2019 to 22-Feb-2019 and serving my notice period of 6 months. and i got a new job in another company. but when I ask my current employer to cancel my visa they are not helping me to do it. I have a few queries if you would help me regarding this it will be helpful for my future career.

1. If my current employer cancels the visa. how long I can stay after cancellation. in the meantime, new employer is ready to apply for my visa. my current EP Catagory is Professional worker Catagory 3. but the new organization is offering me category 1.
2. how long is the cancellation process?
3. After Cancellation how long I can stay in Malaysia?
4. Can I get a temporary visa in the meantime?
5. How fast the new employer can get my new Employment Pass.

Muhammad Waqas Hanif

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