To learn Portuguese

Which apps is the best to learn Portuguese language??  I work in cloth store. So i need to know all clothing name, and about clothing brand. So how to learn this?  Please help me

Duolingo....Basic and phrases
Google translator.

It would be a good idea to enroll in a Portuguese for Foreigners course at a local public university.   They're not usually very expensive, and you'll probably learn more and faster, taking a formal course and supplementing it with online resources.

Immersion, like I did, jump in at the deep end...I can't's a few dictionaries.  I am not a school person or have the attention span for is important to know yet I make my way through the chaff...I love just the basics, food,adult libations and conversations I love the "Noa entendi " that makes my day and cash and credit makes the Brasilian it light...I did youtube and just live around good people who help......

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