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Hello everyone, need some help regarding bringing my family up to Saudi Arabia, how much will the dependent fees cost to bring them up for each person, also do I pay this amount monthly, upfront? How does it work? Need this information urgently, if anyone can advise please let me know.

Dependent fee is 300 SAR per month per person till Jun-2020 and from July-2020 it would be 400 per person per month.

You hv to pay this fee in advance for 12 months.

Moreover, medical insurance for each dependant  is mendatory annually.

Feel free to ask if u required more information.


Thanks for your reply, my company will be providing medical insurance for my family, so will my dependent fee be 300sar each, or do I have to pay additional money for medical insurance as well?

No if ur company is providing medical then no need for medical insurance, but u hv to pay 300 SAR per month family lavy fee till Jun 2020 and 400 SAR per month from 1st July 2020 onwards this fee will be charge from the day when ur family Iqama will be issued.

Okay thanks

As a rule of thumb!

if you want to know how much money you need to pay for your current dependants
Go to your online banking, and apply for paying dependants fees, put your iqama number and the end date of your iqama (in process of renewal add 365 days to the expected end date) then you will find the value need to be paid
If you are willing to bring your family to Saudi, you need to multiply each member by 400 SAR/monthly, the effective date of your calculation is the date of arrival to the Saudi borders

All the best!

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