My employer was submit my EP to MOM on 4th nov 2019 then still pending

My employer was submit my EP to MOM on 4th nov 2019 the status as MOM record :
7 nov 2019 : Pending
13 nov 2019 : We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks’ time. Some cases may take longer
28 nov 2019 : Repeat showing Pending

I just want to know why my status repeat shwoing "Pending" status may anybody can advise me on this case

Then what would you want your status should show? There are three status at MoM, pending, approved and rejected.

So, currently it’s showing pending that means MoM is reviewing your application. Good luck

Hi surya2k

Thank you for your information

Hi Surya2k

Today 02 December 2019 my EP just approved

Good to hear. Congrats.. all applicants need to have patience here. MoM will take its own time and we should not compare one application to other as each applicant has his or her own merits. Good luck to other applicants whose applications are still under process.

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