Moving to China - What do we need?

We are moving to Tianjin in January from the UK and I am taking up a teaching position at the new Juilliard School in Binhai.

Would people recommend Nord as a VPN for China?

Would people recommend Alipay as way of paying the bills back in the UK from China?

I'm really struggling to set up WeChat in the UK (I think an existing user needs to use the QR code from my computer).  Any advice?

What else have I forgotten?!

You are trying too hard. You hop on a plane and arrive. the school will have English-speaking staff that will help you and walk you through all the various steps that you will need to do upon arrival. Do NOT take too much. Live in China for six months and then decide if you want to stay. It's not for everyone. Best of luck and regards.

Thanks Vannrox, That's pretty much what we will do but I have been told that I definitely need a VPN.

For VPN I use Expressvpn, it's quite famous here in China.
For the wechat, it's better to apply the account after you brought the Chinese sim  card. Because wechat is a Chinese app, you need to use your Chinese number to set up your account, (if you use a foreign number to apply might be locked, you will find a lot of trouble to unlock it).

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