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Hello, I am new to this forum. I would like to know if anyone else in Bansko has had similiar kinds of problems with a Bulgarian neighbour when I decided to join the other residents in stopping payment of cleaning of common parts (it was'nt being done, so we do it now) - years of continual damage to vehicle, turning electricity off in the evening, theft of personal items left outside of apartment door. I have been to Bansko Police numerous times resulting in both individuals(married couple) being issued with written warnings to leave me alone. I even went to see the Mayor of Bansko!

it's not an isolated case. If you arent there full time there or simply a foreigner they do not respect your property. Anything you let unattended will be gone in minutes.
Place obvious cameras recording key spots.

Welcome to the world of Bulgaria.  The Police have no interest in anything except Drunk Drivers, Drugs or illegal immigrants and standing by the broad for traffic stops. 

My experience is to build a cooperative network of as many neighbors as you can and then beat the crap out of them.  Maybe not really---but my experience is that the neighborhood takes care of local problems and no one else will.   When I have a problem I solve it with a group that confront the offender and lets them know that they are being watched.   Sorry, that is the country and attitude you live in.  And of course, if you leave anything not locked down it will be stolen.  I have a night watchman who patrols my properties.  Presume that everything will be stolen and no one will pay and you will be off to a good start.

It is normal for builders to abandon properties and keep the maintenance fees for themselves.   It is no different in St Vlas where I live.  I have a 110 unit building and I police everything with an iron fist.   The tenants hate it as they do not want to pay their dues.  Examine the documents and see if you can take over the management association.   You should be able to do so.   I can refer you to an attorney in Burgas and Sofia who is skilled at that. 

Don't expect help from any organization, you must organize yourselves. 

John Vann

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