Question about Schlengen Area Limits and options for a U.S. Citizen

My wife and I are US Citizens and desire to live in Europe for 1 year (2021).  We are in our mid-fifties and have sufficient income/savings that will allow us to not work while we're there.  To get around the 90 day limit of living in a Schlengen Area, we are thinking of living 3 months in Florence Italy, moving to Edinburgh Scotland for 3 months, moving to Porto Portugal for 3 months and then living in London for 3 months.   We also like the way this plan will allow us to fully experience different cultures and countries. 

Can someone please tell me if this plan is in compliance with the rules associated with the Schlengen Area?  Our intent would be to use our passports only.  Any other advice or suggestions would be welcome as well.  Thank you for your expertise and insight.



For my part, I do not see any problem.

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That will work as both London and Edinburgh (United Kingdom) are not in the Schlengen Zone, you just have to becareful that you do not over stay by even a day in your chosen loccations.

If you have any particular questions in each loacation, I invited you to ask them in each city/country forum.





Good luck on your travels-

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Thank you to ALL for the reply and confirmation of our plans.  That's great news and we're excited for the experience.  I'm sure I'll have other questions in the future.  I appreciate the help!

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