Hubby and I are planning to sell up and move to Britanny

Hello everyone! This looks like a great forum for sharing ideas and for me to learn from everyone 😁 Hubby and I are planning to sell up and move to Britanny (or nearby) early next year. We currently live in Kent, so it's not a million miles away!

We're not quite retirement age, so will be looking for an additional revenue stream. An additional gite or extra bedroom or two. Nothing too major, as I have health problems.

We'll be looking for somewhere within walking distance of shops, cafes and pubs (in that order, honest!)

It would be lovely to build a good network before we take the plunge 😁

Good to see fellow Kentish people with the same idea. My husband and I (sounds wrong doesn't it) are from Dartford and Tonbridge. We have lived and worked in Cornwall for the past 10 years and we too are not of retirement age yet but are going to take the plonge, house is now sold and we will be in France by the beginning of April. We have a cottage not too far from Carhaix plougher. Keep in touch:)

Hi Lynn, looks like you're ahead of us! We are on the market as of this week and have a viewing trip organised for the first week of March.

Hope it all goes smoothly for you. It's quite daunting, isn't it? Carhaix is lovely. We have moved our search down a little - to Gorron in Pays de la Loire. At least that's where my fave house is!

Did you go to the France show at Olympia?


No but we have done many trips previously and have travelled all over France. We chose Brittany because it's been easy to pop over for weekends and family.all areas are great but when you find the house you like doesn't matter where it is 😊

The pays de Loire is gorgeous

Hello, sorry it's taken so long to reply... I didn't get notification and haven't been on here. Are are in the throes of viewings, so very hectic!

Are your plans progressing well? I expect you're busy packing.

We're making the trip over in 10 days. Some houses to see in Pays de la Loire and a couple in lower Normandy.

The lack of response from some agents is quite mind-boggling though!

What's worrying me is how quickly house sales are completing here in Ramsgate. My son made an offer on a house 4 weeks ago and he's moving in tomorrow! There have been 2 couples this week who are cash buyers and one who are first timers. We may have to look at renting for a while!

Keep in touch, it'll be good to share stories once we're both ensconced!

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