Single Permit or just Resident Permit - How to differentiate

I have travelled from india to brussels in January 2019 to work for my organization on the work permit (blue card with old process). And after reaching brussels, my organization have applied for my resident permit, and I have got my resident permit in July-2019 and later I returned to India.

Currently, I am in India and I am planning to travel to brussels in early  Jan-2020.

I want to know that is there someway I can confirm that the card I received is a single permit (work permit + visa) or just a resident permit.

Because my blue card on which I travelled earlier has got expired in Oct-2019 and I cannot travel on that now.

So if the permit which I received is a single permit on which I can travel and work or just a resident permit on which I  can no longer work since my blue card has got expired.

Is there any way by which I can get a official confirmation?

Why not have your employer find out as they organised it all.

The residence permit you got, is just a residence permit and not single permit, because it was issued to you based on a work permit type B (old process). So, your company has to apply for a new work permit (now called single permit) for you.

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